Nader Boraie | Bobby’s Burger Palace
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Bobby’s Burger Palace

About This Project

At VGS | Studio D, BBP came to us to look at optimizing their current menu without breaking free of their existing system. We re-designed their entire menu simplifying and creating a modular system in which sections could be re-organized for testing in sales while also allowing for the integration of their burgers and shakes of the month on the menu board itself due to their lack of POP and LTO space in restaurants. We also highlighted the choice of meat options which most customers overlooked by creating custom icons and adding to their brand development. By simplifying and optimizing the typography, we enhanced the legibility of each item while allowing for BBP to grow and highlight their unique promotions and further understand their customers preferences.

Art Direction: Lindsay Perinna / Nader Boraie Illustrations: Nader Boraie Layout Design: Miranda Makowski
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