Nader Boraie | Cooksimple
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About This Project

While at Offwhite Design, Cooksimple came to us with a problem. They had an amazing product that was on the shelves but it wasn’t selling. Their outdated branding and packaging blended in and looked subpar compared to their competitors.¬†Offwhite began updating their branding and completely redesigned their entire product line. The result was an impressive and unique product line that looked delicious on the shelves and instantly helped sales grow. From some of the packaging to their pitch booklet to their brand new responsive website, I helped design various items for cooksimple as a team effort. It has been incredible to see the response to the brands new direction and the team at Offwhite continues to take the design to the next level.

Creative Director: Josh White |
Lead Designer: Yanghee Kang Illustrations: Adi Bereshit Renderings: Chris Youn Various Design: Jenna Josepher
Print, Web