Nader Boraie | Shear Revival
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Shear Revival

About This Project

Shear Revival is a unique handcrafted grooming and beauty products company. In the early stages of Shear Revival, I was asked to create a t-shirt design that would serve as a promotional vessel for the company. After people quickly caught on to the products Shear Revival was selling and the quality that they offered, customers immediately wanted to immerse themselves in the brand. This caused the t-shirt design to sell out extremely quickly and the designs I created quickly made their way into other products / bags / packaging and found their way all over social media through the immense support the customers have for the brand. Although my role in designing for Shear Revival was relatively small, it’s been surreal seeing the brand grow every day and go from selling purely online to being picked up by many retailers and making it’s way into Jackthreads and larger stores as well.

Apparel, Branding & Identity
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